Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's been too long.

Hello dear readers. I'm not sure if you're still out there. I do hope you are. Things have been busy around the apartment and at work and reading. The season changed and the flowers as well as the allergies are out in full effect. I can't resist having fresh flowers all around the house, yet, I also have some sort of allergy sleeping sickness where I'm exhausted for the first two weeks of spring. No big deal.

So, Tim has recovered from his food poisoning. Yay. His poet sensei pointed and laughed at him when he found out that I hadn't gotten sick but Tim had! HEHE!

You might want to know why Tim and I look so happy in the above photo. Well, we are in what is, I think, one of our happiest places in the world: Maine. We have plan that involves someday buying a piece of land in Maine and living there over the summer. That's a little way down the road. But we fell in love with Maine last summer, I think one of our happiest vacations together - come to think of it, we haven't really had any unhappy vacations - we just haven't had many vacations in our 13 years period. We visited Tim's family for 3 or 4 days and then spent the rest of the week with our lovely friends Tim, Amy, Roxy, Daisy (the dog), Sam and Lynn.

We've been getting a trickle of wedding presents in the mail (got one today from my side of the family from my Aunt Mary Lou and her family - these beautiful wooden flowers! I can have flowers all year round - they are amazing!). A few weeks ago we got this fantastic gift from Uncle Pete and Aunt Cynthia- who we love so much!

The Maine Atlas. I think that they are hinting that they would like us to live in Maine. We opened the atlas and looked over the trip that we took last summer. We found some purple post-it notes on another page which led us to a national park. It's a little place near Hay Brook Falls. I'm guessing there is awesome camping and hiking and just Maine. Uncle Pete is one of the most relaxed people I know. He is a very happy man and I love it - and him. Ooh - I'm gushing. I better watch out - Tim may think I have a wandering eye.

But what is better than getting a Maine atlas, finding where Bangor and Brewer grace the pages, turning to Ellsworth, and Trenton, and thinking back to the lobster pounds that we visited. And the kind people and the woods. I was so happy there. But, what was really great about this gift was, not just the memories it conjured up for me and Tim, but also a sticky note that says: I want to take you here! He wants us back and I hope we can return to Brewer Lake this summer - life plans will hopefully let us visit one of our homes. Even kitty got a gift from Uncle Pete and Aunt Cynthia. Thanks to you both. We miss you.