Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Video Cleep!

Hello readers. I'm drinking a delicious brown ale. It's a Dogfishead. Not as good as Smuttynose Brown Dog. Tim and I decided last night that we are going to brew an imperial stout and name it Imperial Russian Blue Stout - for kitty of course. So, just a short post tonight - got a super fun email from the Knot today.

For those of you who have cable (rar - just got sneak attacked by oscar. Not awesome. No beer named after him now. Jerk). Anyway, if you have the learning channel, you can catch the Empire State Building couples on the Cake Boss sometime in the early summer. We'll have an exact date at some point. Yay. cake.

Next, we'll be getting an official photos sometime in the next few weeks. Will update you with that too... hunh, lots of promises for updates... that's kind of crappy. Oh well.

Finally, drum roll please..... as the title of this post suggests, we have a video clip. This came from the knot today - it's very silly and you have to go through about half the video before the ESB weddings come up. Make sure to watch Season 2 video 2. I think it's queued up with this link, but just in case, I don't want you to have to watch all the wedding tip videos. These would have been fun with a group of girlies - or Tim since he IS such a girly man. Anyway. The video is short but it's pretty fun. And lots of shots of my shark fin nose!
Just click on the photo of New York skyline (taken with my sassy new camera) and enjoy!


Hanna Maz said...

As I was skipping through the video it skipped to the part where they were talking about the bridesmaids dresses for every shape or whatever and the woman was saying "as you can see here it looks really good on her boyish frame"...and then the girl walked into the frame. AWKWARD.
Wow they are LOVIN' your face for the makeup section Olivia.
Aw, dig the little hug at the end :)

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