Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prof. Photos part deux!

Hello everyone! Again, I've been super busy, but I work late tonight so I thought I would take a few minutes and post some more silly wedding photos. Busy with what? Well, lots of stuff. The NYC and NYS budgets are really getting down to the wire and I've been given a possible pink slip so, many discussions about job hunting are happening in the Geaghan house. Since our write up in the Knot said that we would add a wedding at the ESB to our chapter in Brooklyn, as it may have been our last chapter, it may actually come true. You can read about the budget cuts in any of our daily newspapers . So, Tim and I are running around the city and doing lots of fun things - like going to Coney Island's Mermaid Parade!! I'll post pics once I get them developed. The blog will probably turn away from the whole wedding thing and turn into a photo blog or something. I don't know. Big changes coming - with Las Vegas lettering!

Anyway, here are some more photos of the wedding. Really, at some point, we'll be going through them all and printing them and sending them to family. We love how patient you all are! Enjoy.So a little late happy father's day here. Here is my tiny dad for all of you who have wondered what he looks like. When Tim first met my dad, he expected a speedy gonzalez voice to come out of him. Or maybe a sombraro on his head. I don't know. Tim definitely didn't expect the Upstate New York accent flow out below the moustache.
Here, I've transformed into a pokemon character.
So, yay, Tim didn't run away screaming. My dandy of honor happily holds my bouquet. Doesn't he look handsome. Mind you, we didn't know what the color scheme was until the day before and Tim and Dave look lovely in their coordinating pink. I think they've known each other so long that their brain waves traveled to each other and said PINK!

Here we see Tim reading his vows. His voice cracked which was super cute. But then again, he was looking at glassy eyed John-o - see exhibit A below:
Well, not the best example of Johnny's teary bauble-esque eyes. But Tim was also facing Liz and Megan - some of my toughest lady friends! Aren't they lovely!

And here is my new linder-in law! Tim thought she looked like some awesome super hero and I have to agree. Here is part of my happy family - library ladies, Liz, my parents, and my brother - as I often see him, hiding behind a camera.
And the Geaghan side - so happy!
Ok. I think that's enough for now. More to come. Now I must get ready for work!

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joyfulktx said...

Enjoying the photos!! Some days I almost forget you and Tim are now married. - - forgive, you'll understand when you get old!! :-)