Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Le sigh. I've found a minute

Hello readers. We're hunkered down in the house, it's been snowing like mad here. As you can see from the lead photo. Since I didn't derby tonight, I decided that I needed some good exercise. So, I shoveled. The whole driveway. And the sidewalk. And when I finished, another it had snowed another inch. But I bought some awesome Sorel Joan of Arctic boots and I wore snow pants and my bubble goose and I was set.

This was one of the first days here. This is Tim in the fall courtyard.

I started my new job at Hathaway Brown two about a week and a half ago. It's wonderful. I've already worked on book orders, met with my mentor group a few times, got the Hathaway Book Council excited about the up coming year, will be doing a book talk on Jane Eyre and the creative fiction that came out of it, tomorrow (to two sophomore classes!) and set up some info lit classes with the seniors in the international relations class. And that's about half of what I've done. Much more, but, I'll save it for later. I actually have to go to bed soon because my new hour of wakefulness is around ten of six. But I love my new job. It really was the right choice - even as I hear about more horror stories about budgets at Brooklyn Public Library. Stay strong librarians.

And here is kitty in the fall courtyard - he is doing just great by the way!
I've added random pictures to this blog - sorry, nothing inside the house yet. I don't really want to capture everything on my camera phone.. perhaps santa will bring me a digital camera for Christmas? I'll write more soon, hopefully over the weekend. Oh wait! We'll be decorating THIS:
this weekend! Hooray!

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Mary said...

Enjoying the updates . . . and love the visuals, wonderful to see kitty coming in from the fall courtyard! Look forward to your next update Positive Liv!!