Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Letters, on the marqee, US!

Oh no! I meant to post this yesterday!! Got so busy - we revised a draft of the ceremony and then I fell asleep with kitty!!! More tonight!

Good morning readers! I've been given a gift today - a snow day. Most people would be grumpy about the snow that is falling and piling up on everything, but I'm so happy right now. First, I'm happy because Tim and I can get oodles of things done today, like get food for our brunch, pick up champagne, I can pick up my newly dyed shoes early (update - here are my shoes! - and I worried about the dress being a death trap!). And the library is closed today so I don't have to work! And that means we can tidy up the apartment and maybe start hanging decorations! Yay! I think I'll wear my festive crown!

I'm going to share a few more Valentines Day memories - these are more recent ones, since last post was about old Valentines Day stories. First, this lovely blizzard reminds me of our first Valentines Day in New York City. John and I had spent the previous Valentines Day here (2005) because I was looking at library schools. I had a terrible sinus infection so we went to Planet Thai and got some tasty Tom Yum Guy soup and then watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show together (and on the plane back to California). More about WKC later!

Anyway, back to VDay 2006. Tim had just moved to Brooklyn the first week of February 2006. He left California and 60 degree weather to come to Brooklyn and 40-45 degree weather. I found a Valentines Day midnight showing of Annie Hall and thought that would be really fun to go to! So we went, I think I fell asleep somewhere in the middle, but woke up for the end (I have a really hard time staying awake past midnight). Anyway, when we entered the movie theater, it was cold with a chance of snow. When we left, it was blizzard conditions. We couldn't find our way back to the subway. I remember laughing as Timmy grumbled "I left California for this??!! But eventually, he found our situation amusing and we eventually found the subway and got home and snuggled down in cozy jammies.

Still remember my mention of the WKC? Wondering about the title of this post? Can you name the awesome movie that it comes from? Well, let me tell you about it. I've been a bit obsessed with dog shows since I was a little kid. I watched dog shows like some little girls watch beauty pageants. When Johnny and I visited NYC and I found out that the Westminster Kennel Club dog show was hosted here, I just about lost it. While we didn't go to WKC dog show our first Valentines Day here, we've gone from 2007-2009. Three spectacular shows! We cannot have a dog in our apartment - sadly. But that's ok. I'm pretty sure that Oscar is a one animal kind of animal. He's lived with other cats before (and picked up some horrible habits from them - Leonore, I'm looking at you here!) and his first mom, after his birth mother, was a big golden retriever.
Lenore Dali by you.
For our first WKC, we decided to go on Best in Show night. We had so much fun! And we dressed up and went to a fancy dinner! First of all, the day starts at 8am. We didn't show up until much later. When we did, we watched a few of the best in breed competitions, but soon discovered that we could walk around the 'benching' area. This means that we get to mingle with the dogs!!! It's so much fun to be surrounded by beautiful friendly dogs. And there were so many!!! I don't know how many we pet and played with that day but we were absolutely hooked.

For the past two years, we've gone on different days, to see the different groups. We've fallen in love with different breeds and have selected several for when we can finally have a dog. Tim's hands down favorite is the Chocolate Newfoundland. They are so friendly and fluffy and beasts of an animal- kind of like Tim. I think it was the second year (aught 8) that the scale might have been tipped when he fell in love with a beautiful little giant schnauzer. She kept putting her head on Tim's leg. I could see his heart beating through his was adorable!

I love all dogs, but I've got four or five favorites. The beautiful little gentleman's dog - the French Bulldog, if my dog of choice, if the day ever comes. I had never seen one before I moved to New York. I instantly embarrassed myself the first time I ever saw one. I generally embarrass myself around dogs...except when I'm yelling at someone because I know they are using the dog for dog fights like that jerk in my neighborhood... moving on. We have a frenchie in the neighborhood - and I dog sat him a few months ago!! He was awesome!! His name is Tsunami. I love him. Next, I would love to have either a shiba inu or a Bouvier des Flanders! Great personalities and totally different. I do have a soft spot for corgies and newfies as well. No matter what though, I'm sure we'll end up at the local ASPCA and get a beautiful little mutt that needs a home.

During the dog show breaks, we would visit one of our favorite NYC restaurants Frankies. If you live in the NYC area - you should definitely go there. I've mentioned them before in the blogs I think. Anyway, they have an awesome little frenchie named Spuntino!! If you look at Frankies crest, you'll see the noble head of the French Bulldog. Oh wait! Spuntino is in the picture. Have you spotted him yet??!!

Ok. Time to make more flowers. Oh, and by the way, the quote that is in the title of this blog is from the movie Best In Show. One of our favorites!!


fauxbois said...

Oscar was a relative sophisticate compared to Len, it's true. (Second-hand yarn, anyone?) If you asked and she could answer, she might tell you, "We have so much in common. We both love soup ..."

Hanna Maz said...

PUPPIES! I miss my dog so much, ever since the weather has gotten colder every time I get cooped up in my dorm room I wish I had a snuggle buddy. I never saw a french bulldog until I moved to the city either! I used to think they were so ugly (especially the black ones, slap a pair of wings on those things and they look like little demons) and then I saw this:
it is simultaneously disturbing (who would let that happen?!) AND SO CUTE! I think the next time I get a dog it will either be a french bulldog or another lab. I love labs, they's fluffy. But on the wedding subject: the day fast approaches! Good luck and preemptive congratulations!

John said...

This is a marquis.

This is a marquee.

I am a jerk.

Sienna said...

That newfie... I think you found Tim's doppelganger. Also: we have a corgi! He's very lovable. And I am so glad you know/like Best In Show.

Captain Mr. Snark (and yes, sir, that was rather doucheish): this is a markee.

Hanna Maz said...

doucheism seconded. Sienna, you're a smart ass...I approve.