Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is Married life different?

Hello readers. Just waiting for ladies figure skating short program (not kitty's favorite - he likes men's ice skating the best. He was cheering for Plushenko and was very cranky that a) we had to go to bed before Plushenko performed - why are the olympics on so late? and b) he was even crankier that Plushenko got the silver (Oscar is a Russian blue and still has loyalties to his mother country). We had a discussion the next morning about this - I told Oscar that Lysececk stayed true to fundamentals - nothing flashy like the quad. Kitty got really upset about this and he believes that daring and chances should be rewarded. No talking to him when he is like that. He then proceeded to chase his tail to show his example of the quad. not really impressive at all.

Anyway, married life. I must say that since Tim and I have been together for so long, and living together for a majority of our relationship, that married life really doesn't feel that different. while the photo suggests one thing - I must say, no babies (this is an old photo of us with our niece and nephew twin babies Nicolas and Charlotte - we're in love with them!) I feel a bit more protective - when Tim leaves the house I get a bit more worried about him. Maybe that's just me. And it's fun to look over and see his ring on his hand. But it didn't hit me until I was walking home tonight - and I thought that someday I might be a widow. It hit so hard (and I've only felt this way once before - the day that I realized that Oscar would someday die) that I felt my heart stop. So I wrote a Gogyohka about it:

Looking through the rain
I saw myself a widow
and my heart stopped.
I ran home
to feel his heartbeat.

Great thoughts, right? ugh. Some days, I wonder about my self. Anyway, loving life right now.

And, I realized that I haven't uploaded photos of the brunch. So, here you go.

So, this little bride decoration came from my office bridal shower. I placed her in my small tree - it's a weeping willow. I think she looks lovely there!

Here is the front of the apartment. We had flower garlands, paper flowers, paper bells, and this nifty Empire State Building ornament hanging from our chandelier. Many of these decorations will be on our Christmas Tree this year! Yay Christmas!

Here is a photo of the dining room. Our apartment is so little that it's really hard to get grand photos of it. This room was decorated more for Valentines Day. Lots of reds, pinks, purples, and hearts! And of course, paper flowers. It really did look pretty, this doesn't express it... Below you'll see the flowers - I made sleeves for the the vases (which were old sauerkraut jars!) Lots of carnations =good smells and lots of surface area. And they last - they are still on the dining room table. I make sure to stick my face in them ever chance that I get. I do the same thing to Oscar's belly and Tim's beard and chest... I heart them! More later!

Yeah, I forgot to take the butter dish off the table. That's my gift to you readers. Butter.

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