Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just a few teaser photos of the day!

Good morning readers -

I'm going to post just a few photos - my friend Megan (who is getting married in the late spring) sent some photos last night! Thanks Megan and enjoy readers - I haven't had any coffee yet, so the commentary on the photos should be fun. Let's see:

The photo to the left was taken after the ceremony. I think, along with the official photographer, our family and friends taking photos, that there were quite a few tourists taking photos as well. This may be where I held the impromptu press conference.

Below, in no particular order are photos at the ESB as well as at the New York Public Library and in the subway. I love the subway photos! Thanks again Megan!


Hanna Maz said...

Aaaah! Olivia you look so pleety! I think the red shoes/tea dress/pink-ish flowers combo was really nice. Congrats again!

nooddle22 said...

I cannot believe you didn't slip with all that ice!! You looked beautiful and you both looked great together!!! Congratulations!!!!