Friday, February 19, 2010

First week of wedded life.

Hello darling readers! Thanks for being patient. This week I hoped would be a recuperative week. It wasn't. Now I see the reason for honeymoons. Oh well. We'll do that later. Not a long post tonight, but hopefully more later. This is just a general thanks for all the wonderful well wishes that everyone has sent along. We are sending out announcements this weekend and will probably start the thank you cards next week. Or Sunday, who knows.

This is such a great picture of my men. One of which is quite jealous of the laptop and has just planted his warm purring gray-ness on my hands. It is quite difficult to type. I guess this is payback for tying a blue bow around the neck. But there we are! The Brooklyn Geaghan Family!

We were interviewed by the New York Daily News tonight. Not sure when the story will run, but I'll surly let you all know. Here is one of the pictures that appeared in the Daily News last Saturday:
Tomorrow I'll post some images of what the apartment looked like for brunch. But for now, it's time to spend more time with the men.

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