Friday, February 12, 2010

What a day!

Hello all my lovely readers! Well, I've finally made it home for the night. We've been going like mad since 8 this morning. Tons of photos, tons of fun, and now we're exhausted.

But, before I go to bed tonight, I just had to update all the wonderful people that read the blog. First, some of the long promised shower photos. My colleague Leslie uploaded the photos for me and sent them today. You can take a look at the full slide show by clicking on the picture.
Sorry about the weird Olivia with her spread by brooklynleslie.

break in text. I had to copy and paste this photo. Anyway, awesome shower. More than I ever expected!!!

Next, today was a crazy day. I can't tell you about all of it - a) because I want you all to be surprised tomorrow (especially if you are coming to the ceremony) and b) I need to go to bed. But some highlights - I got to twirl around in my dress in the Empire State Building! This was so much fun - and bonus - I didn't have to drag my dress around - it didn't get dirty. The red shoes were a total hit - who knew I was kind of fashion-y? And finally, Tim looked awesome in his tux and we had a great time today.
When we got home, I arranged all of the flowers - which is to say, about 100 carnations. Super cheap and really full, and we made these cool sleeves to go over
rick's pickles jars. Tim's mom Linda (or, Linder, as I know her) gives me these lovely note cards every year. One year she gave me a box of kisses - which is to say, lots of couples in love in black and white photo note cards. We put a bunch together with tape to form this boxy sleeve and slipped them over the jars to make lovely "vases". They're fantastic if I do say so myself.

Ok. That really is all tonight. My eyes keep shutting involuntarily. Sorry dear readers. There will be more tomorrow. I promise.

Last night of being morales!

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slitwrist4mom said...

Super-SUPER-SUUUUPER CONGRATULATIONS, Olivia (& Tim) (<-- not sure if he'll even read this...)!!!!

I hope your day is beyond wonderful and look forward to hearing about it in person in the near future.