Friday, February 5, 2010

So this is quite real!

A bright and early good morning to you readers! This will be a rather quick post. Was going to write this up last night, but I was lazy, full of food, and totally sucked into the Office and 30 Rock. I love Liz Lemon. And Jack Donaghy taught some valuable lessons as well, as usual. Busily making paper flowers for decorations - as my husband-to-be displays the first one that I made. This one is a bit big. I've improved and made lots of little ones...

So, what is quite real you may ask? Well, I suppose I've just realized that I am, in fact getting married next Saturday. I love that we've had just a little over a month to get used to the idea of a wedding. But the full reality of a wedding hasn't really hit yet, and I suppose that is why people take a long time to plan a wedding. You get used to the idea that there is going to be a celebration. Like 9 months of pregnancy (or 10 since full human gestation is 40 weeks, or should be according to science, not each ladies individual body or lifestyle) - you get used to the idea that you are going to have a child in your life. Or people that prepare for having a new cat or dog. They get the litter box or leash, water and food dishes. Maybe a bed. They have time to prep for it. (Note: I didn't have anything ready when Oscar came into my life). Maybe that's a sign, that this is just the way my life goes. Things pop in and they just seem to fit.

And I'm not talking about the marriage here. I was asked last night about whether or not I was ready to leave single life behind. I am one of those people who is happy to leave the single life. If I were single, I would be a worse workaholic than I already am. And would probably just come home to kitty and he and I would watch his favorite movies. Kind of like we do when Tim is away on his trips. Yeah, I guess you could say, I don't even have a traditional single life in mind. Thank goodness for Tim or I would be a spinster minus the spinning. Unless we can call spinning the looking up at the sky and twirling around in circles that I like to do when I'm in a field...

So, marriage - yay - have been ready for that for a while. But the idea of a wedding, well, it really just caught up to me last night when I saw my dress. I don't especially fancy myself very girly. I mean, I like frilly sparkly things, but only to look at. I just started to wear eyeliner, but it is aquamarine in color. I don't wear make up, I barely do my nails, I get my eyebrows waxed, but out of necessity - no woman really wants to have two furry caterpillars taking residence on their forehead. So needless to say, when I saw my dress, my insides went "SQEEEEEEE"!!!!!!!

The dress is beautiful. It's sparkly and flouncy and flowery. And heavy. It stands up by itself. When I reluctantly took it off, I stepped out of it. And there was my dress, sitting up right on the bathroom floor (it was clean, don't worry). Kind of like the wedding version of R2D2. My accomplice in this wedding. The poor seamstress will have to take quite a bit up and quite a bit in. But, I think the funniest thing about the dress (other than the length as you'll see in the picture) is that there are mega fake boobies sewn into the bodice. I couldn't even feel my body through the bodice. I'll just have to be content with being chesty la rue for the day. And there is elastic that wraps around the ribcage from the inside of the dress. Who knew so much went into a wedding dress. I remember wearing the big fancy dresses for the Renaissance dinners - one dress weighed around 30 pounds. And I had to do jumps and turns and was lifted. All these things are complicated. Now add the wassail. How I danced with a 30 lb dress and I can't count how many glasses of delicious golden wassail...

So, this should be easy. All I have to do is walk. And talk. And not fall! More tonight I'm sure.
Look around you. Have you spotted it yet? That's right. Loft space. No, just kidding. The shortest dress is my dress. No death trap for me!

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